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tentering currently set to wide open, looks like new wheel and re-thread on screw 

another view of tentering controls 

picture of another tentering control mechanism on a woods hursting frame from similar period courtesy Adam Marriott 

catalogue of R Waygood of 1877 with a closely related mill listed cost for 3ft stone £58! More here 

wind driven stones with their wooden hursting frame 

stone nut on top of quant swung back from contact with great spur wheel 

quant going down into eye of stones 

upright shaft 

wallower on upright shaft connecting to brake wheel on wind shaft 

lever beam to move sack hoist drive wheel into contact with wallower 

cap curb 

cap curb 

curb and wallower in foreground 

wallower, brake wheel with curb behind 

winding drum for sack hoist 
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