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Judges, from left, Michael Stoates of Stoates Flour, Cann Mills, Mervin Austen of Mount Pleasant Windmill and Bakery, John Downes (AU) and Ken Hurst (AU) + as judges secretary Chris Young, Real Bread Campaign 

Emmanuel, Judges Bakery, Hastings receives one of his awards 

Home baker, Ralph Tattersall receives award 

Emmanuel strikes again 

Dilly Boase, receives the best home-baked pastry/cake award 

there it is, complete with paper horse brass 

"best in show" award gets ready for the stage 

embarrassed recipient of "Best in Show" award (moi) 

John Letts, botanical archaelogist and wheat grower, pic Chris Young 

John with some super tall old wheat, pic Chris Young 

John Letts giving away freebies, of what? 

end of John Letts talk 

show and tell for John Letts’ multi old variety wheat planting experiments + box of medieval thatch straw 

John Letts being cross questioned post talk 

more show, tell and touch 
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