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BBQ graveyard 

the new barbie getting inaugurated + Tania and Amarjit 

bread for the day, "Ciabbat a la B&B" and rosemary and potato. Forgot to slash the rosemary and potato. 

crumb of potato and rosemary - good example of its kind inside. always keeps well. 

Crumb of ’ciabatta a la B&B’. Actually got criticised by one consumer as too fluffy, which is a bit of a novelty for a pure sourdough. Told him it would probably be jsut right for him if he waited a day before eating. 

Crumb of ’ciabatta a la B&B’.  

Hugh, Aberdeen Angus burger and ciabatta 

the party 

Mr and Mrs Shaw 

Andy Shaw 

the honeycomb given by Orlando, so very nice, except that more and more bees came to same conclusion 
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